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Global Coherence

Uniting people in heart-focused love and intention.

Participate in the Global Coherence Community, a science-based initiative where we can collectively create a more compassionate, cooperative and peaceful way of being. The Global Coherence research uses a multidisciplinary approach. It incorporates a wide variety of scientific data to gain new insights into the interconnectedness between humanity, plants and animals, and the sun and earth’s magnetic activity.

Free Resources to Help You

These free resources enhance your global community knowledge and experience, as well as keeping you informed about our two upcoming Global Coherence Citizen-Scientist Projects.

Global Coherence App

The Global Coherence App created by the HeartMath Institute connects people from all around the world who have a sincere desire to add heart to their daily lives and the world itself. The app enables anyone to join public groups or create their own coherence group.

The Intuitive Heart

Accessing our natural inner capacity for sensing or knowing things not in our immediate presence or stored knowledge and memories has long been a source of mystique as well as basic research. Presented in a style both the layperson and scientist alike will appreciate, The Intuitive Heart will confirm what you’ve always suspected and expand what you know about intuition. This e-Book is especially helpful in dealing with increasingly complex demands of life with greater love, compassion and kindness. Increase your natural capacity for intuition.

The Science of Interconnectivity

Today’s scientists suggest an unseen thread ties all things together; we call this a holistic web of interconnectedness. This e-Book investigates the emerging field view of reality, and the four central hypotheses that drive the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative research, including that Earth’s magnetic fields carry biologically relevant information that connects all living systems. Our researchers ask, what is the potential for increasing collective consciousness as people begin to perceive their personal biofields and radiate a heart coherent field? Read about the surprising results of GCI’s Interconnectedness Study, which included participants in 51 countries.

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