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The Intuitive Heart: Accessing Inner Guidance To Raise Our Consciousness Baseline

By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., and Doc Childre

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Accessing our natural inner capacity for sensing or knowing things not in our immediate presence or stored knowledge and memories has long been a source of cultural traditions and mystique as well as scientific curiosity and pure research.

Now it is the subject of a new informative publication the HeartMath Institute has culled from a wide body of scientific studies and articles gathered from the world’s most influential researchers on intuitive processes. Presented in a format and style both the layperson and scientist alike will appreciate, The Intuitive Heart will confirm what you’ve always suspected and expand what you know and believe about intuition.

The Intuitive Heart is especially relevant for today’s societies, when accessing our intuition is so critical in "meeting the increasingly complex demands of life with greater love, compassion and kindness."


  • 18-page e-booklet with diagrams, charts, graphs
  • Historical perspectives
  • The three types of intuition
  • How the heart and emotions govern intuition
  • Establishing a new baseline to increase intuitive access
  • Heart-rhythm coherence
  • Repatterning the neural architecture
  • Freeze Frame® Technique – 5 steps for increasing intuition
  • Benefits of intuition
  • Extensive references citing the world’s leading intuition research