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GCI Ambassador

As a GCI Ambassador you are joining a community of people committed to personal and global coherence and improving the well-being of others and our living planet.

You strive to awaken the higher mental, emotional and spiritual capacities in yourself and the global community through genuine love, care and heartfelt compassion.

The GCI Ambassador receives the following benefits throughout the year:

  • The GCI’s Ambassador Guide – among other items, The Guide includes a detailed description of effective ways for increasing personal and global coherence, the GCI Ambassador’s commitment and GCI Resources at no cost.
  • The GCI Journey – a series of 15 e-mail messages periodically sent to you that explain all aspects of the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative. These selected topics range from in-depth discussions on heart coherence and how to increase yours, to instructions for using GCI’s Global Care Room or HeartMath’s technology, to timely scientific commentaries.
  • GCI Monthly Synchronized Care Focuses – gatherings held in the Global Care Room, where people around the world come together for synchronized sessions of sending focused heart energy and compassion to crisis areas or those in need. Compassion Operatives receive invitations to these monthly real-time sessions, and they may visit the Global Care Room at any time.
  • Special Invitation – to join in scheduled GCI webinars and teleseminars in which GCI Steering Committee members or guest speakers participate. GCI Ambassadors are encouraged to take part in these free events. Webinar and teleseminar topics may focus on anything from coherence-building, project updates or discussions about GCI studies to the latest scientific data collected at Global Coherence Monitoring System sites.
  • Updates and GCI Commentaries – on global coherence research and the development and deployment of the Global Coherence Monitoring System’s worldwide network of sensors. Global coherence research is attracting worldwide interest, and there’s always something new and exciting. GCMS is an ongoing project, with scientists combing through a continuous data stream for new insights on the interconnectedness of all living systems and how the energetic forces of the earth, sun and other planetary bodies and systems affect human health and behavior. View latest GCI Commentary.
  • Focused Group Coherence – GCI Ambassadors are invited periodically to participate in activities to collectively radiate compassion to specific needs around the world. These special Care Focuses are aimed at lessening the emotional stress of people in crises such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or social unrest. Like the monthly Care Focuses, these group coherence gatherings take place in the Global Care Room.
  • GCI and HMI Resources – There are lots of special GCI Resources available to GCI Ambassadors at no cost and more are added all the time. Among these are downloadable audio files, webinars, PDFs, e-booklets and research papers. The HeartMath Institute also maintains a wealth of free resource materials as well, including its comprehensive Research Library.