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Care Focus: Creating Turnarounds

GCI March 7, 2023 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus

Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s March 7, 2023 Full Moon (12:40 GMT/UTC) Synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 8 hours) when GCI members can do the Care Focus together*. Thank you for being with us.

Let’s start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Care Focus and radiating love and appreciation to each other.

There are so many social and global challenges right now that it can feel overwhelming – the Russia/Ukraine war, China threatening Taiwan, Afghanistan’s repression of women, political gridlock in the USA and other countries, gun violence, natural disasters, and much more. If we add our own personal challenges to the list, it’s understandable why we can feel overwhelmed or depressed at times.

Emotional reactions can be harder to calm down and bring back into balance these days. Consciously reversing this energy is what we call creating "a turnaround." As we turn around mental and emotional drains, this can make adjusting to personal, social, and global challenges easier with much more balance and clarity. Learning how to turn around emotional reactivity leads to meaningful benefits for ourselves, each other, and for the planet.

You can do this meditation practice to help you become conscious more quickly when you feel yourself stressfully reacting in day-to-day life.

  • While sitting quietly, visualize catching yourself quicker when your mind starts to overreact. Then see yourself consciously breathing from your heart while feeling the emotional charge fading each time you breathe out.
  • Do this for a few days, and then do it again as you need to. With practice, your strength to turn around and release these amplified energies in real time will increase. Give the practice time; it’s worth it.

Lifting Our Spirit

Our moods, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings often rise and fall throughout a day, based on our actions and reactions to others, ourselves, the news, issues, etc. Part of being human means that from time to time, we will feel lower-level vibrations, such as being frustrated, angry, anxious, judgmental, revengeful, etc. But if we let these debilitating feelings run our life, they create separation and lower our operational energy that’s needed to handle day-to-day living.

A key way to lift our spirit (vibration) and create a turnaround is to practice feeling the qualities of the heart, such as care, compassion, kindness, appreciation, and forgiveness in our interactions throughout a day. All of these are effective attributes of love for making our life flow better, even in challenging times. These practices can be especially helpful in preventing and reducing our stress deficit.

As more people practice heart qualities to lift their spirit (vibration), it inspires others to do the same. Research is showing that as we raise our vibration, we help to raise the vibration of the energy fields around us, affecting family, friends, and the planet in positive ways. This is one of the highest forms of service we can give to ourselves, our families, and to the global community.

When the vibrations of our feelings are lifted (energetic poise, balance, and a caring disposition), solutions flow more easily, as this increases access to our heart’s intuitive directions for better choices. Our discernment becomes more inclusive; our decisions become more effective. It gets much easier to deflect or turn around frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, impatience, and other chronic stress producers that strain our reasoning capacity, resulting in clouded critical thinking. As heart qualities flow through our system, creating conscious turnarounds becomes more automatic.

Create Don’t Wait

GCI members have shared that by using the following simple exercises, they were better able to manage feelings of overload, worry, frustration, impatience, etc. You can make creating turnarounds into a game by seeing how long it takes you to turn around stress-producing thoughts, feelings, or attitudes, and then notice how much you improve within a week and how much better you feel. You may have other exercises you also find effective for creating turnarounds. The key is to remember to do them.

Exercise: For turning around a disturbed feeling or reaction, find a quiet place where for a few minutes, you can breathe from the heart easily while imagining with each breath that your mind, emotions and body are becoming still inside. In this stillness, desire the replacement feeling you would like to have, and as you breathe, imagine breathing this new feeling into your being for a while. Imagine you are creating it with your breath. The power of turning around and resetting your disposition comes from the heart, not just from mind intention or willpower, which can often make us feel worse.

Another Exercise: Another example of self-care is allowing yourself to feel low without compounding it with self-criticism. When feeling low, sit quietly and imagine radiating care, compassion and stillness into your mind and emotions for a few minutes. It helps to give ourselves the same compassionate allowance that we often give to others who are experiencing challenges.

You will soon feel an encouraging difference doing these practices, unless extremely challenged. If it doesn’t work the first time, be patient and simply try again later. Being genuine and meaningful makes a difference. This activates your heart energy. Practicing for a few days in a row strengthens your ability to turn around and reset energy drains, such as overload, over-identification, anxiety, blame, resentment, etc., that keep people operating at a level less than their needed capacity. Of course, you can’t turn all these off like a light switch, but you’ll find that you can reduce them, which eventually increases your capacity to turn them around more quickly.

When we’re stressed, almost all of us are going to have reactive feelings at times. We’re not bad because of it, but it’s heart smart to practice the energy economy of reducing the time that we spend in these unconscious stress loops. When our heart really wants it, then the power of our spirit comes online to help us manifest our highest best.

Care Focus: Creating Turnarounds

  1. Focus on your heart and breathe in the feeling of love or appreciation you have for someone or something you care about. This warms the heart, which increases the effectiveness of our energy transmissions.
  2. Now feel your heart connecting with people across the planet who are radiating love and compassion into the energetic field to help raise the vibration of the wholeness. Attuning to this collective energy strengthens the personal, social, and global vibration, which helps to reduce stress and suffering.
  3. See yourself and more people consciously creating turnarounds and resets by replacing lower vibrations of fear, separation, and hate with kindness, compassion, and care for each other – which draws in new perceptions and hope.
  4. Let’s close by radiating our collective care and compassion to all people suffering hardships from wars, natural disasters, displacement, famine, gun violence, or other stressors as your heart directs you.

Most importantly, let’s realize that it’s the deeper connection with our own heart and with the hearts of each other that will draw in intuitive solutions for our personal, social, and global challenges.

It is effective to continue doing this Care Focus after the full moon period, if convenient, to help raise the heart vibration of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for Caring.

GCI Steering Committee and Staff

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