emWave Technology

emWave® Technology

De-Stress, Rejuvenate, Perform

HeartMath’s practical techniques and programs merge with applications of the emWave technology to help people self-regulate stress and emotions, restore energy and build resilience.

How the emWave® PSR Works

In minutes, the palm-sized emWave® PSR actually performs one of today’s most important physical, mental and emotional health and well-being checkups by measuring your heart rhythms and giving you instant feedback. This process, known as heart-rate-variability analysis, is easily learned, and soon after you begin using the emWave, you can start increasing energy levels before, during and after almost any situation and building resilience for the future.

About the emWave® Desktop

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How emWave® Desktop Works

Every emotion – positive ones like love and negative ones like anger – affects your heart rhythms. The emWave Desktop® for PC and Mac is an easy-to-use software program with a heart-rhythm monitor that is based on evidence that emotions are reflected in our heart-rhythm patterns. When stressed, your heart rhythms have an irregular, jagged incoherent pattern. When you shift to a more positive emotional state, the heart rhythm pattern changes to a smoother, wave-like coherent pattern. Scientists say you can influence the process of emotional experience, and the emWave Desktop® helps you do that. The application transmits your heart-rhythm data through a pulse sensor, displays it on your computer screen and analyzes it. Simply put, you now possess the scientific data necessary to improve your life in a multitude of ways using techniques, games and interactive exercises provided to help you reduce stress and increase energy, mental clarity, emotional balance and the resilience your body needs to excel at life’s daily challenges.

For Schools and Counseling

emWave technology is used in many types of educational and counseling environments. Applications include use in elementary school through college and university, counseling and psychology. Learn More.