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Children: Ages 2-6

Parenting Age 2-6 little girl

What children learn before beginning school, especially socioemotional skills, profoundly affects future academic success, relationships and self-image. HeartMath Institute’s learning programs, tools, games, music and more are specially tailored for this period of young children’s lives. They are suitable for home or classroom use.

HeartMath’s Free Resources for Children Ages 2 to 6.

Shift and Shine Technique for Ages 3-6: Presentation and Audio:

With parental guidance, the Shift and Shine™ Technique can help children develop positive emotions, learn the joyful qualities of the heart and enhance this special time in their lives.
Visual Presentation and Audio

Facilitating Emotional Self-Regulation in Pre-School Children: Free PDF e-Booklet Download 

A comprehensive look at HeartMath’s highly successful Early HeartSmarts® study and pilot program. Children ages 3-6 improved cognitive, sensory, hormonal and information processing systems. Researchers concur learning socio-emotional skills early gives children a great start in life. View or download.

Helping Children Manage Stress Webinar

Family, academics, peer pressure and proliferating technology are stressing our youth. Children and those who care for them are managing today’s stressors with habits of the heart.
Watch the webinar.

Resources for Those who Love Children

My Kids Facebook Icon

HeartMath My Kids!

Parents, grandparents, teachers and others who love and care for children have an ongoing dialogue on the HeartMath My Kids! Facebook page. Follow the helpful tips and tools, inspiring stories and fun videos. Look for some great giveaways from HeartMath. HeartMath My Kids! 

Educational Research Library

Our Research Library is filled with resources related to children ­– like Efficacy of an Emotion Self-regulation Program for Promoting Development in Preschool Children. It explores the importance of children learning early to control emotions to become happy and productive adults. Visit the Educational Research Studies.

Fun and Instructional Products

Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Wild Ride to the Heart game

Kids, families, teachers and others love HeartMath’s Wild Ride to the Heart™ game, especially how it makes them feel in their hearts. Amid the fun, kids learn emotional awareness and balance and using their heart intelligence. Learn more.

Heart to Heart Book Cover

Heart to Heart – Connecting With Your Child Book

Loving relationships begin in the heart, where we all connect. This beautifully illustrated booklet has the Shift and Shine science-based technique, which teaches children to move beyond their upsets and family members to listen to each other more deeply. Learn more.

Heart Bear and Tool Card Product

Heart Bear Puppet™ with Heart Warmer Technique Card

This cuddly bear and tool can be your reminders to always listen to your heart’s wisdom and intelligence, from the time you rise until you close your eyes. Learn more.

emWave® Technology

“I want happy back,” Gideon once said after bumping his head. His grandmother owned the emWave2 personal stress reliever and gave it to him. He soon mastered it and could get happy back anytime. Kids love its challenging games. You’ll love the energetic change in them – and you! Read more: From the Mouths of Babes. Learn about the emWave Family of products.