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Global Coherence App

Global Coherence App

Getting Started Tutorials

Building a coherence community that generates coherent heart energy to support our planet and its people.

How to Get Started

Installing the App: The first step in using the Global Coherence App is downloading it to your device. View step by step instructions to register and set your preferences.

Joining and Creating Groups

On the home screen you can join the Global Group with others in adding coherent heart energy to help lift the planetary vibration. Detailed instructions for joining other public or private groups and creating your own private group.

How to Connect a HeartMath Pulse Sensor

This video tutorial explains how to connect your HeartMath sensor to your Smartphone for use with the Global Coherence app. You can choose to continue without connecting a sensor.

Join a Coherence Session

This tutorial explains the process of participating in a session and describes the graphical display available for individual, group and global coherence.

Coherence Scoring

An informative video that explains heart-rhythm coherence, how coherence points are calculated and how to interpret the charts and graphs created during and after your sessions.

Need Help?

Contact Support: Or phone: 800-450-9111

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