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Institute of HeartMath free downloads Welcome to HeartMath’s free Downloads Library. Peruse our PDFs, videos and audio programs containing valuable information and research to help you lower stress and anxiety, improve health, build resiliency and experience other great benefits. Sign up for free or log in to the Downloads Library.

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  • Building Waves of Change: An Institute of HeartMath Approach Webinar: Video

    Enhance your experience with the Institute of HeartMath by gaining knowledge about the waves of change, heart-based living and a brief overview of the Global Coherence Initiative. Learn a valuable tool to prevent stress and boost your inner energy reserve.

  • Children Growing Up in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Pitfalls: Video

    We live in a remarkable time when the use of technology among children has exploded. Most children today are better at surfing the Internet or using a smartphone than swimming or making their own breakfast. Five-year-old children are able to Google when they want to know something. The iPhone and iPad are at the top of holiday wish lists for children aged 6 to 12.

  • Cultivating Positive Discipline for Children: Video

    Disciplining children has long been a primary concern of parents and teachers. Much has been written and said about what exactly constitutes "effective" discipline and how to achieve it. One of today’s leading and most respected voices on the subject is author, speaker, educator, psychologist and counselor Dr. Jane Nelsen.

  • De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times: PDF or Audio

    The Institute of HeartMath is answering the global stress momentum with worldwide distribution of this compassionate work that lays out a heartfelt roadmap for weathering these difficult times. Program available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

  • DNA and Cell Reprogramming via Epigenetic Information Delivered by Magnetic Fields, Sound Vibrations and Coherent Water: Video

    For decades scientists have used only chemical-based approaches to regulate human cell growth and to determine what kind of cell a stem cell becomes in the body. Now fascinating new research is showing stem-cell programming may not be restricted to chemical signaling, that it’s possible it also can be achieved by extremely low frequency signals in electromagnetic fields similar to the fields produced by the human heart and Earth.

  • Educator’s Guide to emWave® Technology: Video

    The emWave technology is used widely today by educators across North America in thousands of schools and universities. Since its introduction eight years ago, it has helped a countless number of students and children successfully address test anxiety, anger management, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, academic performance, conflict, sports and overall health and well-being.

  • Emotional Stress and Your Health: Video

    The evidence today is overwhelming that positive emotions can reliably predict good health. This discussion focuses on transforming negative emotions and improving health and well-being using HeartMath’s powerful emotion-refocusing techniques.

  • Facilitating Emotional Self-Regulation in Pre-school Children: PDF

    Early development of emotion self-regulation skills greatly increases the chances for childhood happiness and academic success. This important study shows HeartMath’s Early HeartSmarts® program is exceptional at promoting those skills.

  • Helping Children Manage Stress: Video

    Children experience more stress today than ever before. They live in a world that often seems to move at a dizzying pace, in a world whose problems are many and complex. Along with family, academic and peer pressures, children are subjected to a constant buzz and barrage of an endless array of devices and diversions in the digital, cell phone and computer age.

  • How to Reduce Worry and Feelings of Anxiety About Money Webinar: Video

    Worldwide financial stress is tearing at the fabric of people’s dreams, threatening their sense of security. This heart-based approach offers insights and simple techniques for reducing your worries about money.

  • Kids Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Results for Children with Autism, Brain Damage, ADHD and Developmental Delays: Video

    How can parents and teachers and clinicians who treat children help those with special needs overcome challenges and dramatically improve a wide range of abilities? The Kids Beyond Limits webinar will offer remarkable insights and practical advice for children with disabilities.

  • Leading a More Skillful Emotional Life: Video

    Dr. Paul Ekman’s recent book, Moving Toward Global Compassion, marks an important trajectory in his half-century of work on facial movement and recognition of emotions. He is now exploring the broader area of understanding how to cultivate and control emotions themselves, a focus that aligns closely with the Institute of HeartMath’s research and mission.

  • Navigate Your Life With The State of Ease Webinar: Video

    Release the emotional turbulence and stress of these challenging times with the Inner Ease™ Technique. Learn to make deeper connections with others and flow gracefully in the State of Ease.

  • Navigating the Global Shift Webinar: Video

    Our time of great global change has wrought social chaos and disease, but the principals of heart-based living can ease our way and even enhance the textures of our lives.

  • Nurturing the Hearts of Children: Building a Foundation for life Success Webinar: Video

    This inspirational program gives parents, teachers, psychologists and other caretakers of children new insights for nurturing and teaching them the emotional and social skills necessary for happiness and success.

  • Power of Self-Care in Parenting: A Gift to Your Entire Family Webinar: Video

    It only makes sense that parents who take care of themselves – in other words practice self-care of their mental, emotional and physical well-being – are likely to be more effective at raising their children. It is established fact that the stress and energy drain of parenting makes self-care an imperative.

  • Reduce Test-Anxiety: PDF

    This national study, which received federal funding, showed test anxiety is commonplace and severely hampering student academic performance. It also demonstrated dramatic improvements for students who participated in HeartMath programs.

  • Science of the Heart: PDF

    This comprehensive work summarizes HeartMath’s 24 years of research. Covering heart intelligence, heart-rate variability, coherence and more, it lays a foundation for understanding the amazing power of the human heart.

  • Serving Those Who Serve Us: Video

    An overview of HeartMath Programs for veterans, the military and their families, along with some wonderful stories from a panel of experts who coach, mentor and train service members, veterans and their families.

  • Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well: Video

    We swim in an ocean of feedback, not only from bosses, colleagues and customers, but from family, friends and in-laws as well. They all have "suggestions" for our performance, parenting, appearance and more. We know feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development, but we dread it just the same – and often dismiss it.

  • The Autism Revolution: Whole Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be: Video

    Martha Herbert, a prominent Harvard Medical School researcher and clinician who treated patients and analyzed scientific data for years, has a revolutionary view of autism. She says autism is not something that is hardwired into a child’s genes and remains forever, as parents often are told. Rather, Herbert explains, autism is a series of challenges and many can be tackled deliberately and methodically.

  • The Inside Story: PDF

    High school-age students use this booklet, on and off campus, to study the interrelationship of emotions, health and performance; reduce turmoil and anger; and enrich their academic and social lives.

  • The Inside Story of Being an Institute of HeartMath Trainer: Video

    Join the Institute of HeartMath Qualified Instructor Program manager, Christiana Bishop and Jeff Goelitz, training program developer and master trainer, for an in-depth look at Institute of HeartMath training programs. If you’ve ever been interested in sharing the HeartMath System with others, you’ll find this webinar extremely helpful.

  • The Large World of ADHD Children and Adults: Taking a Strength-Based Approach with Treatments and Strategies: Video

    Children with ADHD, a brain-based disorder, often act without thinking, are hyperactive and have trouble focusing, and their hyperkinetic condition can dramatically impair the ability to do well socially, academically and in the workplace. They may understand what’s expected of them, but they have trouble following through because it is hard for them to sit still, pay attention or attend to details.

  • The Zones of Regulation: Video

    Leah Kuypers discusses the importance of self-regulation, a key topic in her recently published book, The Zones of Regulation. The Zones provides a system similar to road signs to help students from preschool through adulthood to classify different states of arousal, feelings and emotions into four easily identifiable, distinct color-coded zones.

  • Three Keys for Recharging Your Inner Battery: Video

    Cultivating a greater sense of well-being and resilience is an essential life skill in our current climate of elevated stress and rapid change. Millions of people around the world are making daily practice of inner renewal a top priority in their lives.

  • Three Keys to Increasing Personal and Global Coherence: Video

    Have you noticed that the speed of change seems to have been constantly accelerating? If you have, you’re not alone. People all over can feel this. It certainly is an exciting and adventurous time to be alive. Although you may be filled with an abundance of hope and see lots of promise, there’s no eluding that it may be difficult at times to make sense of it all.

  • Transforming Stress: PDF or Audio

    Stress can cause overload, deplete creativity and clarity and drain your energy. The tools in the audio presentation of this enduring work can help reduce stress, re-energize and build resiliency.

  • Why Children Misbehave and How to Encourage Behavior Change: Video

    Recent research shows children typically are "hardwired" at birth for connecting with people, and they feel a sense of connection with their communities, families and schools they’re less likely to misbehave.

  • Your Buddha Brain: Beyond Evolutionary Survival Toward Love, Peace and Happiness: Video

    Featured speaker neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D. will discuss his book, Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom, and he will describe practical methods for centering your brain in its natural state of gladness, love and peace. During the webinar, he will give brain-savvy tips for reducing anxiety and irritability, feeling stronger and safer and clearing old pain.