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Calendar of Events 2017



November 1 – December 13, 2017, HeartMath® Interventions Program Training Series. HeartMath Interventions is a clinical program delivered via webinar, designed for licensed counselors, psychologists and social workers who want advanced training on adding HeartMath tools and technologies into their therapeutic work with student/clients or patients. For more information, click here. Or send an email to or call 1-800-711-6221.

November 9 – 13, 2017, HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program in San Diego, CA. This comprehensive training program designed for experienced organizational and independent trainers, human resources or training specialists and consultants includes three phases of training to learn how to deliver The Resilience Advantage™ workshop. The program includes the HeartMath evidence-based skill set of resilience and coherence building tools plus technology to facilitate the learning experience. For more information, Click here. Or send an email to or call 1-800-711-6221.

November 11, 2017, HeartMath Institute’s Empowering Coherent Groups: New Frontiers in Social Coherence Research and Development Free Webinar with Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. In this webinar, HMI’s Exec. researcher will discuss new techniques and technologies for improving team performance and group harmony. Rollin McCraty Ph.D., will talk about what happens when the group’s members are resonating in-sync – past their normal performance levels. He also explained how the lack of coherence in our interactions creates a large part of our personal and global stress. In addition, he will explain what new research is suggesting when an energetic field connects individual group members, HMI’s new heart rate variability system that is in development for measuring group coherence and the new training program for facilitating team and group coherence.
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