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Calendar of Events 2020


December 3-7, 2020 HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program, Online Video Conference. This comprehensive training program designed for experienced organizational and independent trainers, human resources or training specialists and consultants includes three phases of training to learn how to deliver The Resilience Advantage™ workshop. The program includes the HeartMath evidence-based skill set of resilience and coherence building tools plus technology to facilitate the learning experience. For more information, Click here. Or send an e-mail to or call 1-800-711-6221.

December 5-6, 2020 The Brain and Nervous System Masterclass, Free Online Event. During this cutting-edge event, you will hear from some of functional medicine’s top leaders in the field of the brain and nervous system. On Saturday, December 6, HeartMath Institute’s Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., will be discussing Personal, Social and Global Coherence: The Science. Rollin will be joining host Michael Rosselin along with Dr. Christine Schaffner, Dr. Datis Kharrasian, Michael McEvoy, Dr. Jared Siegler and many other experts, sharing their knowledge, experience, and best practices. With each session, you will gain insights on how to calm, repair, and optimize the function of your brain and nervous system.
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March 2021

March 26, 27, and 28, 2021, HeartMath Institute Global Coherence Virtual Event- Redirecting Planetary Consciousness Towards Harmonious Solutions: Experiencing Change With More Compassionate Care, Personal Balance, and Resilience on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. PDT each day.
During this uplifting, interactive virtual event, you will learn and experience how to expand your capacity to love. Explore how strengthening the intuitive connection with your higher self raises self-awareness and makes it easier for you to self-regulate – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Discover what intentionally redirecting planetary consciousness means, why experiencing the change of compassionate care, personal balance, and resilience is so meaningful, and why it is so vital during these times of planetary changes.
Join HeartMath Master Trainers Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., Howard Martin, and special guests, Gregg Braden, Claudia Welss, James Miles, Sr., Ph.D., and host Jennifer K. Hill for this exciting and enlightening event. Prior to the event, when you register, you will receive a free HeartMath Experience video program and a Heart Intelligence e-Book to deepen your understanding of HeartMath basic practices.
Register by January 1, 2021, to receive 35% ($87.15) off the $249.00 registration price. The event will be recorded and playbacks will be available for you to review anytime. We hope you will join us. Collectively, we can help awaken the heart of humanity and lift the vibration of the global field environment.
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