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Building Personal Resilience™ Mentor Certification with Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider Program – FAQ’s

Question: Which course should I begin first?

Answer: You will want to complete Part 1 of the self-paced, Stress and Well-Being Assessment (SWBA) Provider course prior to the start of the first live Building Personal Resilience (BPR) Mentor Certification class. Part 2 of the SWBA course may be completed at your convenience.

Question: How do these two courses complement each other?

Answer: The Building Personal Resilience™ (BPR) Mentor Certification Course gives you the methods, tools and techniques to help your clients transform their stress, build resilience, and self-regulate their emotions. The Stress and Well-Being Assessment is a valuable tool to assist you and your clients in becoming aware of their sources and levels of stress, well-being and resilience. It helps pinpoint the areas to focus on your work together.

In addition, using the SWBA as part of your mentoring or coaching process has been demonstrated to create a supportive and energetic bond with your clients, enabling you to understand their key issues and facilitate their self-empowerment as they transform stress, anxiety and overwhelm into increasing levels of resilience, self-security and calm.

Question: Do the assessments included in the SWBA Provider course expire?

Answer: No, the 60 assessments included do not expire. The course includes 10 assessments to use with friends and family during your learning cycle and 50 upon successful completion of the course. As part of this bundle, at the completion of both courses, you will receive an additional 50 assessments at no charge. In total you receive 110 assessments at no charge.

Question: How much do I have to pay for assessments once I use the first 110?

Answer: At any time, you can purchase an additional license to add 50 uses of the assessment to your Provider Dashboard. The cost is $245.

Question: Should I charge separately for administering the assessment to a client?

Answer: This is up to you. Usually, unless you are providing this service within your organization, mentors and coaches charge for administering the assessment and the debrief that follows. One exception is when mentors or coaches offer the assessment and debrief as a way to attract new clients. In this case, they will offer it at no charge or at a reduced rate.

Question: How many times should I have my client take the assessment?

Answer: Usually a minimum of two times. Once, as close to the beginning of your work together and then again in 4 to 6 weeks. After the second assessment, you and your client will be able to clearly see areas of improvement and areas where they still want to focus. Then together, decide on when to take the assessment a third time.

Question: Do I need to attend the live, monthly Q and A sessions to become an Approved HeartMath Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider?

Answer: No, these sessions are optional. They allow for questions about best practices in using the assessment with clients, using the assessment to build your business, integrating the assessment into your mentoring or coaching practices, and getting the most out of the Assessment Provider Dashboard.

Question: Can the bundle be modified?

Answer: No, the bundle includes all the materials listed, and there are no substitutions. You can however, purchase the SWBA Provider Program, License for 50 Assessments and the Inner Balance Coherence Sensor separately.

Question: Is the Building Personal Resilience Mentor Certification available outside the U.S.?

Answer: Yes, the program is available to everyone. In some countries, our programs are offered via HeartMath’s International Alliances only. If you live in Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, please contact the Global Alliance Partner in your local area.

Question: How is the Building Personal Resilience Mentor Certification structured?

Answer: Learning takes place via eight live, 60-minute Zoom-based classes. Before the start of each live class, you will watch between 4 and 7 topic-specific videos (1 hour in total). You will also spend eight hours mentoring two practice clients (4 hours each) of your choice. Within the class, you will be able to connect with other members to practice mentoring as you develop and deepen your personal practice of the heart-based skill set. The Inner Balance™ Coherence Sensor and app are included at no additional charge, except for shipping.

Question: What happens if I have to miss a live class?

Answer: All BPR Mentor Certification classes are recorded and can be accessed for review at your convenience. To track attendance, after you have reviewed the missed session, you will need to email the Couse Administrator with answers to several questions.

Question: What does my Building Personal Resilience Mentor Certification allow me to do?

Answer: Upon successful completion of the course, you receive a license that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property so you can promote yourself as a HeartMath® Certified Mentor. Click here for Building Personal Resilience License Agreement.

The program provides the training and materials you need to effectively mentor people (individually or in small groups of ten or less) in learning and using HeartMath’s resilience-building and energy self-regulation techniques and supportive processes in their day-to-day lives. You will be able to teach the Building Personal Resilience content to your clients, patients, peers or students, etc.

Question: Does the certification allow me to teach the BPR content in public classes, workshops or seminars?

Answer: This certification limits the use of HeartMath’s intellectual property to mentoring or coaching with individuals or small groups of up to 10 people. The BPR program focuses on skills and materials for effective teaching of the HeartMath tools in a mentoring or coaching style. You can speak to larger groups as part of your promotional efforts and demonstrate the Inner Balance Sensor/App or emWave coherence technologies. If you would like to teach HeartMath workshops and other types of group classes, additional certifications such as The Resilience Advantage® or Activating the Heart of Teams™ are available.

Question: Do I need to pay a percentage or royalty to HeartMath on the income I receive from mentoring or coaching individuals in the HeartMath System?

Answer: There is no royalty payment to HeartMath on your income as a HeartMath Certified Mentor.

Question: Do I need to pay an annual fee to maintain my Certified Mentor license?

Answer: The license is evergreen and does not expire. Continuing education credits are not needed to maintain your certificate. You will have lifetime access to the resources in the Learning Center portal, and there is no annual resource fee. To receive extra benefits, including discounts on products, a listing in the Certified Professional Directory, and receive unlimited access to other Certified Professionals within the HeartMath’s certified community, through a special portal, you will have the opportunity to join the Community of Practice for the first year for $29.50 – a 90% discounted rate off the $295 annual subscription.

Question: Can the HeartMath techniques be modified?

Answer: To maintain the integrity of the HeartMath Institute’s intellectual property and to stay within the guidelines of trademark and copyright law, you may not modify the techniques or create work based on or using any part of the Building Personal Resilience Program. Modifications of the HeartMath techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and remain the property of the HeartMath Institute. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, interpretive matter, annotations, elaborations or other adaptations or forms of presentation based on the original HeartMath work. Modifications may be made only with specific written permission from HeartMath. We respect the expertise and experience many people bring to the program and are committed to a fair, collaborative approval process regarding creative applications of BPR.

Question: Can I sell HeartMath products to increase my income?

Answer: Yes. Selling books, materials and the emWave or Inner Balance coherence technologies can be a substantial income generator and a way to provide those you are helping with an effective means of increasing their understanding and use of the resilience- and energy-building tools and processes. Upon joining the Community of Practice, you will receive a 25% discount off the retail price of the products.

Question: Is there a cancellation policy?

Answer: We are happy to refund the registration fee based on the following BPR schedule. Once we receive your returned materials, your refund will be processed.

  • Before Class 1: Full payment refund minus a $50 processing fee
  • After attending Class 1: Full payment refund minus a $100 processing fee
  • After attending Class 2: Full payment refund minus a $150 processing fee
  • After attending Class 3: There will be no refund.