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Shift and Shine Technique® for Ages 3-6

With parental guidance, the Shift and Shine® Technique can help children develop positive emotions, learn the joyful qualities of the heart and enhance this special time in their lives.

Audio Version

  1. Shift and Shine Technique

    Parents Explain to your child they are going to learn how to send positive feelings from their hearts.

  2. Shift and Shine Technique

    Parents Ask your child: Do you ever have a warm feeling in your heart when you feel love or care for someone? It’s kind of like the warmth from the sun. Have you ever felt the warmth of the sun on your skin? What does that feel like? When we feel love, appreciation or care for someone or something special, it’s like the warmth from the sun shining in our hearts.

  3. Shift and Shine Technique

    Step 1: Heart Attention

    Begin by putting your attention on the area of the area around your heart or the center of your chest. It helps to put your hand over your heart area. Model by putting hand over your heart.