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Quick Coherence Technique® for Ages 12-18

Adolescence, through the teens and into adulthood, can be wonderful and challenging: transitioning to high school and college, driving, first jobs. Coherence provides stability and extra confidence and energy. The Quick Coherence Technique® was specially developed to help young people get in sync.

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  1. HeartShift Tool

    The Quick Coherence Technique® is a tool you can use any time, any place when you wish to manage stress and be the best you can be in any situation.

  2. HeartShift Tool

    There are lots of benefits from practicing this technique. With practice, you can become more confident, calmer and engaged in whatever you are doing.

  3. HeartShift Tool

    Being in sync means being in tune with your body, mind and emotions. You not fighting yourself within. As a result, you are more engaged in your projects and relationships.

  4. HeartShift Tool

    Step 1: Heart Focus

    Focus your attention in the area of the heart or your chest area.

  5. HeartShift Tool

    Step 2: Heart Breathing

    Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower than normal. Practice this step for 30-40 seconds.

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