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e-Learning, HeartMath and the Future

Jeff Goelitz and Kim Bent

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Join HeartMath Institute Education Specialist Jeff Goelitz and Kim Bent, host and producer of the PBS Rhode Island show, Catch the Science Bug, as they discuss groundbreaking ways HeartMath and innovators in the U.S. and around the world are using online/e-learning to enhance student engagement and learning.

Foremost among these are interactive, area-of-interest and learn-at-your-own-pace programs. Additionally, the webinar will highlight HeartMath’s e-learning program emphasis on self-regulation of emotions and behavior and resilience-building skills for children.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Technology use among children and adults.
  • New models of learning: the influence of technology.
  • Technology experiences of children and educators.
  • Achieving a healthy level of technology use.
  • HeartMath’s new e-learning educational programs.