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Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes

Gregg Braden and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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From peak energy consumption and peak debt to failing economies and increasing calamities wrought by climate change, the evidence is everywhere: We live in a world of extremes today. Our planet has never experienced and we are ill-prepared for such extremes and rapid change.

Join New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden as he shares his internationally acclaimed practical knowledge of science and spirituality in Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes, a webinar hosted by HeartMath Institute Research Director Rollin McCraty.

In this program, discover:
  • 5 false assumptions of traditional science upon which the modern world is built.
  • The one belief that locks us in conflict and struggle – and why it’s wrong.
  • New discoveries that have changed 300 years of scientific beliefs.
  • Personal resilience strategies essential for adapting to change.