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December 15, 2020 Add Heart Call #35 Add Heart Calls Past Recordings

This thirty-fifth official call is an excellent way to sustain your own personal heart-practices. We also hope it will be a supportive tool for you to offer to your clients, patients and colleagues.

As we look back on 2020 and prepare for 2021, we know that our world is different now and changing in unpredictable ways. This is leaving many people feeling anxious, depressed or fearful of the future.

Host Deborah Rozman and guests, HeartMath LLC’s Executive Vice President Howard Martin and Chief Strategy Officer Owen Ward shared how they and the HeartMath team used the power and intelligence of their hearts to uplift their spirit as they navigated often tumultuous ups and downs of this past year. They also described how using tools like the power of neutral, higher dignity and wholeness inclusive care along with their heart’s intuitive guidance created what we call "turn-arounds." This uplifted their perceptions, prevented much energy loss and magnetized new opportunities.

They closed the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our heart powered intentions to create new opportunities for a new year.

What Participants are Saying