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Pre-K Through 12th-Grade Programs

The Physiology of Learning and Performance

The supplemental learning programs available below are based on HeartMath’s research of the physiology of learning and performance.

This research was incorporated in the development of evidence-based tools and methods that enable students to better recognize and self-regulate stressful emotions and overcome blocks to learning caused by emotions.

The tools are easy to teach and simple to learn. They can be adapted to virtually any culture and age group.

Omni Awards - Bronze
Omni Awards - Bronze

The Sunshine Secret® (Pre-K – 1st grade)

The Sunshine Secret interactive e-learning program is scientifically validated and designed for today’s computer and pad-based educational environments.

It engages young learners’ minds and attention with a variety interactive support activities and is suitable for a few students or a large classroom. Sunshine Secret teaches children to recognize, express and self-regulate their emotions and behavior with a delightful story and characters, fun songs and activities that build a solid emotional foundation, healthy relationships and self-esteem.

Scientific research shows the life skills the Sunshine Secret teaches are essential for achieving success in school, work and life. Key among these is self-control, a skill that is central to effective decision-making and leadership as children go through adolescence.

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TestEdge® (Grades 6-8)

In the challenging middle school years, students grapple with the onset of puberty and adjustment to new schools, multiple teachers and changing peer relations.

Helping them overcome test anxiety and reduce stress can make an enormous difference in these critical years. TestEdge® focuses on two of the key areas of test preparation: Stress Smarts, positive emotion-refocusing techniques that lower stress and test anxiety and increase focus and comprehension; and Test Smarts, advanced test-taking skills and strategies for higher test scores to help students improve school participation and performance.

Students learn practical tools and strategies for overcoming test anxiety, discouragement and indifference, while boosting focus, motivation and clarity. Key to the program’s effectiveness are three evidence-based HeartMath self-regulation tools that teach students to step back from situations to find new options and solutions; neutralize strong emotions, and adjust unhealthy attitudes and behaviors.

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TestEdge® (Grades 9-12)

As students mature, tests become more challenging and results more important.

TestEdge® 9-12 gives students an edge in learning and test-taking by helping them experience less fear about taking tests and increasing focus and comprehension skills. Students gain greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their academic work and relationships. Most important, they learn how to self-regulate unproductive attitudes and emotions.

A major research study supported by the U.S. Department of Education with 980 high school students suggests that when students manage stress and test anxiety, they are able to achieve both a significant reduction in test-related anxiety and a corresponding improvement in standardized test scores.  TestEdge has received the evidence-based designation from the National Registry of Evidenced-Based Programs.

During the program, students explore typical issues they confront daily. They learn to take the significance out of negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions and then build effective replacement attitudes. This results in greater confidence, composure, focus and motivation.

Students will appreciate how TestEdge speaks to them about the "stuff" they’re going through inside and outside the classroom and solutions that help them both academically and socially. Teachers will appreciate the thoroughness of the materials, the improvement in many students’ academic performance and the positive changes in their attitudes and behavior.

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The Inside Story Classroom Program (Grades 8-12+)

For Health Education, Psychology Classes and Counseling

The Inside Story – Understanding the Power of Feelings booklet is full of vital information related to healthy behavior and physiological and psychological well-being in upper middle school, high school and college students.

Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and emotional physiology, this engaging and visually pleasing text helps students understand the interplay between their bodies, emotions, attitudes and performance. The booklet, which supports many of the national standards for health education and psychology classes, guides students through key ideas that promote healthy awareness and behavior.

The program includes a series of reflective activities and a stress-management (self-regulation) tool called Freeze-Frame®, which has been demonstrated to reduce emotional turmoil, anger, hostility and depression.

  • Stress, Coping and Health – identifies how stress reactions hinder our effectiveness and proposes alternatives that lead to a healthier life.
  • Biological Bases of Behavior – addresses how the brain processes information and how the body adapts to the demands of its environment.
  • Sensation and Perception – examines how the brain makes meaning out of the physical sensations generated by the environment.
  • Motivation and Emotion – examines the drives and needs that direct behavior, including sex, thirst, hunger and social needs, as well as the range of human emotions.

Classroom Program includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide CD-ROM, clear instructions for each lesson
  • 30 Inside StoryBooklets

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