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Pre-K Through 12th-Grade Programs The Physiology of Learning and Performance

The supplemental online and classroom learning programs available below are based on HeartMath’s research into the physiology of learning and performance.

This research was incorporated in the development of evidence-based tools and methods that enable students to better recognize and self-regulate stressful emotions and overcome blocks to learning.

The tools are easy to teach and simple to learn. They can be adapted to virtually any culture and age group.

HeartSmarts® Adventure (Pre-K – Grade 1+)

HeartSmarts Adventure

HeartSmarts Adventure is a comprehensive blended learning program that combines a leader’s guide for teacher or parent-led instruction with a fully developed online learning program in which children can move forward at their own pace.

Trauma informed and based on the earlier evidence-based Early HeartSmarts program, HeartSmarts Adventure presents a new and engaging way to teach children how the heart works and new habits for keeping it healthy and strong. Along the way, children will learn about their emotions, how to manage them and the expression of compassion for themselves and others.

As they move through the six artfully crafted Adventures, children will enjoy completing more than 60 absorbing activities. At the heart of the program are three special self-regulation techniques that help children learn to take charge of how they think, feel and act. When the last Adventure is over, children will possess important life-affirming knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their childhood and into adulthood.


A New Heart-Based Social and Emotional Learning Program for Children Ages 7-10

WiseHeart draws upon a rich variety of engaging activities to help children gain valuable skills in the areas of self-regulation, communication, decision making and compassion.

The breadth of the program activities include character-driven 3D animated videos, dozens of interactive, skill-based enrichment activities, a series of colorful infographic articles with narration, guided drumming sessions, thematic rap songs, word clouds and topical interviews with children. Specific activities such as Counting Smiles, the Heart Rhythm Dance, pausing while playing the popular game, Would You Rather?, several dice games around healthy habits, emotions and communication best practices will grab children’s attention.

Parent's Picks Award

Awarded One of the Best Elementary School Products for 2023

Inspired by the CASEL model of 5 core social and emotional learning competencies, the program has numerous guided calming sessions to help children practice self-regulation. The latest heart-brain- body neuroscience helps children understand what’s happening inside themselves. They will discover their range of emotions through the Inner Weather unit and then practice a simple tool to help them manage those emotions which hinder their decision making, communication and overall well-being. Each of the 5 units of instruction has pre-and post-trackers to assess progress in key learning objectives and behaviors.


Two beautiful printed posters are included as part of the program purchase that act as ongoing learning guides for children to grow their awareness and self-regulation.

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HMI Education Programs
Smart Brain Wise Heart

Smart Brain Wise Heart™ (Grades 4-10)

In the challenging middle school years, students grapple with the onset of puberty and adjustment to new schools, multiple teachers and changing peer relations.

At the heart of SBWH are short and engaging whiteboard animation videos that present key ideas and practices in important social and emotional learning competencies. With abundant support from a variety of enrichment activities, instructors will be able to choose the type of course lessons that best address the diverse needs of the students they serve.

Different strands of instruction deepen the learning experience, including review and discussion, activity worksheets, illustrated articles, practice opportunities, project-based action assignments, learning-based scenario videos and assessments. With the online 24-question pre- and post-Student Opinion Survey to gauge student progress, educators can statistically evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

Smart Brain Wise Heart
Smart Brain Wise Heart

emWave® Pro for Building Self-Regulation Skills (Grades 2-12)

emWave Pro

For Classrooms, Computer Labs and Counseling Centers

HeartMath’s emWave® technology helps students quickly learn how to self-regulate attitudes and emotions and bring balance to their mental and emotional systems. This balanced state leads to positive behavior, improved academic performance and greater ease in social settings.

Students who have the opportunity to practice with the emWave self-regulation technology can experience a number of important benefits, including improvements in the following:

emWave Pro
  • Focus and attention
  • Emotional resilience
  • Impulse control
  • Anger management
  • Motivation to succeed
  • Comprehension
  • Problem-solving
  • Test scores

Includes games, graphs and more.