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emWave® Applications

The emWave® is being used effectively with students and youth in numerous applications to improve academic and behavioral challenges as well as overall emotional resilience. Some of the environments where emWave is particularly effective include regular classrooms, counseling programs, test preparation and after-school programs and special education classrooms.

emWave Technology helps students in:

Regular classrooms – Instructors have incorporated the emWave Coherence System into biology, life science and psychology courses, math programs and health, nutrition, wellness and life-skills classes. Typically, teachers arrange for the program to be installed onto one or two classroom computers from which they can rotate students throughout the year or at select times. Many schools have acquired multiuser site licenses for emWave PC/Mac technology in computer labs, where up to 25 students can use the emWave simultaneously.

Counseling programs – Counselors use the emWave to help improve students’ emotional health. They also incorporate this versatile technology into larger programs that address bullying, conflict resolution, test preparation, drug and alcohol prevention and more. In classroom presentations, counselors connect the emWave to an LCD projector or TV monitor to demonstrate how emotions affect physiology and how HeartMath skills can improve stress management.

Special education classrooms – Many special education classrooms employ the emWave to help their students gain greater impulse control, academic focus and confidence and learn better emotional management when actively engaged in the learning process.

Administrative offices – Administrators use the emWave to help manage stress and sustain resiliency and focus on their mission in the face of challenging job demands and long hours.

Learning and tutoring centers – Numerous learning and tutoring centers use the emWave as a support tool for students with learning disabilities or those performing below their academic capability.

Therapy offices – Therapists and psychologists use the emWave to help children deal with symptoms of ADHD, autism, anger management, anxiety and depression.

After-school programs – Students supplement academic work with regular practice on the emWave to help with test preparation and decrease frustration from learning and behavioral challenges.

Behavior support programs – Schools with behavioral specialists use the emWave to help students adjust more easily to classroom learning climates and address personal issues such as anger management, peer conflict, classroom motivation and communication.

Athletic programs and sports camps – Athletic programs and sports camps use the emWave to train athletes to improve focus, self-control, and performance.

Research/studies – Many universities use the emWave as both a training and data-collection technology to improve and measure outcomes in a variety of contexts.

Learn More

To learn more about the emWave Educational Technology and how it can improve the academic performance and emotional resilience of your students, please e-mail us at or call (800) 711-6221 or (831) 338-8500.

The emWave products were developed specifically for educational purposes only and are not intended for use as diagnostic tools. Before using emWave products in an educational setting with minors, HeartMath recommends always consulting with your school and/or district about all guidelines that may pertain to the types of classroom educational programs and tools they support. HeartMath assumes no liability or responsibility for how educators and/or educational staff choose to use emWave educational programs.