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HeartShift Tool for Ages 7-11

When your children are sad, upset or not feeling well, HeartShift™ is a wonderful and healthy way to cheer up. With your assistance, they can learn to lift their spirits anytime by shifting to the heart.

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  1. HeartShift Tool

    The HeartShift™ Tool teaches children how to feel better when they are upset and shift from a negative emotion to a positive one.

  2. HeartShift Tool

    Can you think of sometimes when you get upset and need to manage your emotions?

  3. HeartShift Tool

    You experience many emotions every day: happiness, excitement, anger, fear, boredom, sadness, peacefulness, curiosity. Emotions come and go, sometimes helping us, and other times making life harder. Each of us can control the power of these emotions. Say out loud what emotions you experienced today.

  4. HeartShift Tool

    Think of a time when you were upset or frustrated. Did you notice if there was tension in your shoulders? Did you have an uneasy stomach? Was your heart beating faster?

  5. HeartShift Tool

    Practice these steps with 20-30 seconds between each step.

  6. HeartShift Tool

    Step 1: Notice what you are feeling.

    Take a moment and ask yourself, "How am I feeling?" Say out loud what you are feeling.

  7. HeartShift Tool

    Step 2: Shift to your heart.

    Focus on the area of your heart. Take 20-30 seconds and keep your focus there before going onto the next step.

  8. HeartShift Tool

    Step 3: Breathe a feeling of calm.

    Breathe slowly and easily. Imagine the air flowing in and out of your heart area. Take your time breathing in and out. Do this three to five times.

  9. HeartShift Tool

    It is important to identify what you are feeling, whether you are upset, mad or sad. Remember, you have a choice to do whatever you want with your emotions!