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How Practicing Coherence Enhances Cognitive Functions and Helps Offset Cognitive Decline

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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Everywhere people have been asking, “What can I do to enhance my brain functioning?” Did you know the best kept secret to enhancing the brain capabilities is to align it with the power of the heart?

Understand the research behind HeartMath Institute founder, Doc Childre’s quote: “There is a natural bridge between mind and heart.” Learn about the latest research by leading scientists, universities and at the HeartMath Institute which have studied heart and brain interactions and synchronization, especially in relationship to increased memory retention, ability to focus, attentiveness, ability to discriminate and emotional self-regulation.

Topics Include:

  • Age-Related Changes in Motor Skills and Plasticity
  • Effects of Cortisol-DHEA Ratio Shifts
  • Benefits of Positive Emotions
  • Heart-Rhythm Patterns
  • Brainwaves during coherence
  • Heart rhythms during coherence
  • Effects of coherence training on combat veterans with PTSD