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Creating Your Energetic Field Environment For More Flow and Ease Through Life

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., and Howard Martin

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Join Deborah Rozman and Howard Martin for the HeartMath Institute’s Members only Webinar, Creating Your Energetic Field Environment For More Flow and Ease Through Life.

We live in times of high-speed change and keeping up with everything around us is a challenge. Knowing how to manage our energy is vital for maintaining our personal, family and planetary health and well-being.

Learn important information and techniques for maintaining flow and ease during these changing times.

Rozman and Martin, authors and spokespersons for HeartMath, will share exciting information about creating your energetic field environment and two HeartMath techniques for creating more flow in your life and how you can improve relationships at home and in the workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • The speed-up and what it means for you and our planet – now and in the coming years.
  • Creating your energetic field environment.
  • Flow: What is it, what creates it in your life and what blocks it?
  • Ease defined: Why it is essential and beneficial.
  • HeartMath’s Inner Ease Technique and its applications.
  • Connected communication: What is it and how can it help us create flow. Plus, instruction in HeartMath’s Connected Communication Technique.