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"Great program. My students loved it! I am excited to teach it again this year."

Maria K.

Florida, USA

A New Blended Online & Classroom Social and Emotional Learning Course (ages 9-16)

Smart Brain Wise Heart™ is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program that empowers students ages 9-16 to make smarter decisions, gain greater self-control, and navigate the academic and social dimensions of life more successfully.

See what Smart Brain Wise Heart is all about with a free sample unit, Inner Weather Report™.

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Smart Brain Wise Heart

Why Smart Brain Wise Heart Works!

Smart Brain Wise Heart is an evidence-based blended learning program for students ages 9-16 that combines a printed Leader’s Kit for teacher-led instruction along with a fully developed online learning program.

At the heart of Smart Brain Wise Heart are short and engaging whiteboard animation videos that present key ideas and practices in important social and emotional learning competencies. With abundant support from a variety of enrichment activities, instructors will be able to choose the type of course lessons that best address the diverse needs of the students they serve.

Many of Smart Brain Wise Heart’s activities meet the criteria of key standards found in several categories of learning: National Health Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Social and Emotional Learning Standards, and Common Core State Standards.

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Smart Brain Wise Heart

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