Institute of HeartMath FAQs

Qualified Instructor Program FAQs

Question: Can I teach this material to business people or to people in government organizations?

Answer: No, the Qualified Instructor Program is only for educational institutions like pre-K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and staff at various youth provider organizations (e.g., foster homes, youth athletic teams or clubs, juvenile justice programs). The for profit, HeartMath LLC, provides training to corporations, hospitals, and all other non-educational organizations.

Question: I’m already a one-on-one HeartMath provider. How is this different?

Answer: The one-on-one coaching certification it is designed to be used only with individuals, not groups. The Qualified Instructor Program’s target audience is educators and students attending an official educational institution, not business people, health providers, or other professionals.

Question: Is it available outside the United States?

Answer: At present it is available only in the United States and Canada. However, requests from other countries will be considered on an individual basis.

Question: Do I need to pay any royalty fees?

Answer: There are no royalty payments. Qualified Instructors are required to purchase guidebooks for each program participant. The cost of the guidebooks: two-hour guidebook, $6.00; six-hour guidebook, $12.00.

Question: Can I get a room by myself?

Answer: Single rooms are only available off site at two recommended establishments about 20 to 25 minutes away. If you choose this option, your accommodations fee will be reduced to $198.00. This includes all meals, snacks, and beverages.

Question: Can the techniques be changed?

Answer: No. To maintain the integrity of the Institute of HeartMath’s intellectual property and in order to stay within the guidelines of trademark and copyright law, QIP instructors may not modify the tools or techniques nor create work based on or using HeartMath and call it their own. Modifications of the HeartMath techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and remain the property of the Institute of HeartMath. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, interpretive matter, annotations, elaborations or other adaptations or forms of presentation that are based on the original HeartMath work. Modifications may be made only with specific written permission from HeartMath. We respect the expertise and experience many people have and are committed to a fair, collaborative and quick approval process regarding creative applications of HeartMath technology.

Question: How long is the license good for?

Answer: The license is approved for three years and then is renewable for an additional three years after the licensee attends a re-qualification program.

Question: Are programs available for students?

Answer: HeartMath learning programs for students in grades K-12 (e.g., TestEdge™ and The Inside Story) can be purchased from the Institute of HeartMath, Qualified Instructors can train teachers in these supplemental programs.