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Institute of HeartMath FAQs

Membership and Donations FAQs

Question: I’m interested in starting a HeartMath study/support group so I can connect with others practicing HeartMath methods. How do I get started?

Answer: A great way to connect with people who are practicing or would like to practice HeartMath tools and techniques is to start a study group, or, if you already know of one, to join it. (We do not provide the names of people already in study groups because we want to respect their privacy.)

To begin, we suggest you gather a group of family members, friends or colleagues and choose a HeartMath book of interest to most people in the group. Read and discuss a chapter or selected topic at regularly scheduled meetings. Once you’ve all learned the basic HeartMath tools, you can start practicing them in the group setting. For example, you may want to start each meeting by doing the Heart Lock-In® Technique.

You also should consider getting the emWave PC/Mac Stress Relief System, so everyone can practice with it. The emWave PC/Mac package includes access to online forums, where you can connect with others interested in heart-based living.

Another enjoyable way to connect with people, – anonymously, – who are practicing HeartMath tools and techniques is through IHM’s Personal Tracker™, Community Tracker™ and Stress & Well Being Survey™.

Question: What are the benefits of becoming a member of IHM?

Answer: Your one-year membership with the Institute of HeartMath comes with a number of immediate benefits such as three exclusive Webinars, access to the My Member Page which includes archived member only webinars and e-Books, IHM quarterly newsletter, special discounts, Building Waves of Change – An Institute of HeartMath Approach Webinar and free e-product of your choice. Most important of all, you can take pride in knowing you’re associated with an organization that cares about you and your well-being. To learn about all the benefits of membership and how you can join today, go to Membership.

Question: What does it cost to become a member of the Institute of HeartMath?

Answer: Membership with the institute is based on a sliding scale and is determined by you. You may enter any amount you wish and you’ll be entitled to many benefits immediately as well throughout the year. Please visit the Membership Overview page to learn about these many benefits and the important work HeartMath is doing.

Question: I don’t live in the USA. Can I send a check for membership?

Answer: The following page will explain the procedures for non-U.S. residents to become members of the Institute of HeartMath: Membership for non-U.S. Residents.

Question: Do I renew my membership each year? Can I renew online?

Answer: Yes, membership needs to be renewed each year. You may renew your membership online by going to our renewal page at Renew Membership.

Question: I’ve seen the My Member Page mentioned on the www.heartmath.org Web site. What is it?

Answer: The My Member Page is a special place where members can go to access and download members-only materials such as archived Webinars like The Science of Intuition: Developing Yours, How Practicing Coherence Enhances Cognitive Functions and Helps Offset Cognitive Decline and more. You also have access to archived e-Program Downloads like Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiological Coherence e-Book, Successful Decision Making e-book or audio, Quiet Joy e-music and more. We’re continually striving to add new features to this page. You can access the My Member Page after you take a few moments to become an IHM Member.

Question: What projects or major initiatives are in progress? How can I get involved?

Answer: The Institute of HeartMath strives to remain at the forefront of exploration, the cutting edge of development and to stand as a leader in service to our members, supporters and the greater world community. We’re undertaking a lot of exciting projects and important work at HeartMath and we’d love for you to be a part of it all. You can get involved in the following ways: promote the principles of personal and global coherence and heart-based living with yourself, family, friends and co-workers; become a member of the institute; and learn about and donate to projects such as the Global Coherence Initiative, Global Coherence Monitoring System, Military Service Appreciation Fund to provide the critical care and support returning soldiers need, the Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Fund and the HeartMath for Communities Project. Click any of the previous links for complete information. Learn more about ways you can give at Make a Gift.

Question: Where does my contribution go?

Answer: The Institute of HeartMath strives to use your contributions wisely to help people manage stress levels and their emotions; tap the wisdom and intelligence of their hearts to improve their health and quality of life; and to promote personal and global coherence and the principles of heart-based living around the world. For a detailed overview of how IHM uses your contributions, go to Your Dollars at Work.

Question: It would be a lot more convenient and easier on my budget if could I make my donation to the Institute of HeartMath in installments. How can I do this?

Answer: The Institute of HeartMath has a Monthly Giving Option for donors who would like the convenience of spreading their contributions over the year. You may make arrangements to contribute monthly with Katherine Floriano at (866) 221-6339; international callers use 011-831-338-8717. If you wish to make your contributions online on our secure Web site, you may check the Monthly Giving Option box, which you will find for all of the different projects and initiatives.

Question: How should I make my contribution, on the Internet or by regular mail? Is it safe to donate on the Internet?

Answer: You may use one of the following methods for making your contribution:

  • You may find that making a cash donation online is the most convenient way for you to contribute to the Institute of HeartMath. If so, simply click on this link, Donate online, and use the form to make your donation today. Our Web site is a secure site, so you may be confident your information and privacy are protected.
  • Donations, by check, also may be mailed to the following address:
    Institute of HeartMath
    14700 West Park Ave.
    Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Question: Does the Institute of HeartMath accept other types of gifts besides cash contributions?

Answer: Yes, people have indicated a desire to support the institute’s work in a variety of ways, so HeartMath developed its Planned Giving Program to provide a range of giving options with tax benefits. Among these many options are making a tax-free gift from an IRA, donating appreciated assets such as stocks and real estate and creating a charitable gift annuity.

If you would like to learn more or have questions about HeartMath’s Planned Giving Program and these and other ways to donate or would like to arrange a donation to the Institute of HeartMath, you may contact Katherine Floriano toll free in the U.S. at (866) 221-6339; international callers dial 011-831-338-8717.

Question: I have always admired a friend of mine who has done so much for people in need and I would like to know if I could donate to the Institute of HeartMath in his behalf.

Answer: In Honor of Gifts
There are special caring and giving people in your life who seem to always be doing something for someone. You know they do these things simply for the joy and love of helping. Or perhaps there was a loved one, longtime friend or other person who has passed on that you’d like to remember in a special way. To honor someone who is doing good work or the memory of a special person by making a contribution to the Institute of HeartMath, please call Katherine Floriano toll free in the U.S. at (866) 221-6339; international callers use 011-831-338-8717.

Question: We have a car that we no longer use and want to know if we can donate it to HeartMath.

Answer: In-Kind Donations
An increasingly popular and simple way to donate to HeartMath is through in-kind donations and you may find that it makes sense for your needs. Classic cars or cars you no longer need, boats, paintings or other works of art, antiques, collectibles and many other personal property items may be transferred over to IHM. Then you may take a tax deduction on the estimated value of the property and HeartMath may use it for various purposes or sell it to obtain cash to meet its needs. To make an in-kind donation to the Institute of HeartMath, please call Katherine Floriano toll free in the U.S. at (866) 221-6339; international callers use 011-831-338-8717.

Question: Will my donations to the Institute of HeartMath be tax deductible?

Answer: Your gifts are fully tax-deductible. IHM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educational and research corporation and because the institute does not provide any goods or services in return for your donations, they are tax-deductible.

Question: Does the Institute of HeartMath do much in the area of helping military personnel or veterans?

Answer: Your contribution to the HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Fund will provide training programs and technology to military troops, solutions for lessening mental, emotional and physical suffering, predeployment skills to help them cope with the impact of war and reintegration following their service. Your support also helps expand HeartMath’s training programs for mental health professionals at Veterans Administration facilities and other organizations helping veterans and active-duty troops. Click link for donating online or an application form.

Question: Does the Institute of HeartMath do much in the area of education?

Answer: Your contribution to IHM’s Education Sponsorship Fund will be used to put life-changing heart-based educational programs and unique technology into the hands of students and teachers who otherwise would not have access to them. The fund will educate students on the effects of positive emotions to improve student learning and promote positive classroom and social behavior. You will equip teachers with highly effective tools to help their students succeed and also instill greater confidence and inspiration in the teachers themselves. Click link for donating online or an application form.

Question: Can you tell me about corporate matching funds and what I need to do to obtain them?

Answer: Many companies match their employees’ donations to registered nonprofit organizations such as the Institute of HeartMath. This is an easy way to double your gift! To find out if your company or corporation participates in this program, contact your human resources department. If it does, fill out the form for this on your corporate Web site or request one from your HR contact. Mail it with your employer identification information. Mail the form to the Institute of HeartMath, 14700 West Park Ave., Boulder Creek, CA, 95006 or fax it to (831) 338-8504. We’ll do the rest. For more information and our federal tax ID#, contact Katherine Floriano at (800) 711-6221 or info@heartmath.org.

Question: I would like to have some ongoing support from and communication with HeartMath. Can you provide this?

Answer: Yes, staff members at the Institute of HeartMath are always available to provide you with information, guidance, technical support and other assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. To reach us, go to the Contact Us page.

Question: Can I view archived issues of the IHM newsletter?

Answer: The Institute of HeartMath newsletter is published quarterly and you may view an online version of it or archived issues in our Free Services section.