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Transforming Stress

From HeartMath

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New Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress has become all too pervasive, affecting society globally, and we’ve adapted to this unhealthy condition.

You’ll learn to engage the power of your heart to help change old stress-producing habit patterns. Too much stress creates overload, depleting creativity and clarity; aches and pains and negative attitudes are on the rise. Stress ages us before our time and robs us of our vitality and enjoyment of life.

HeartMath’s 33 years of research has shown it’s not only the perception of events that cause stress: More important is our emotional response to those perceptions. The heart connects us with our natural ability to accumulate positive emotional energy needed to transform and prevent stress. Learn how to boost your emotional power, regenerate your emotions and replenish emotional reserves. The key to transforming stress lies in developing a new level of emotional management.

Table of Contents:

  • Stress
  • Understanding How to change the Stress Response
  • Boosting Your Emotional Power
  • Summary and Next Steps
  • e-Booklet (19 pages); Audio (23:28 minutes)