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The Resilience Factor: Building Your Energy Reserves During Changing Times

Howard Martin and Bruce Cryer

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We live in a time of accelerating change full of hope and great opportunity. It’s also obvious to most of us that we face significant challenges – personal, social and global. A key to adapting more quickly when change is occurring is learning how to increase and maintain your resilience.

Resilience gives you the power to prepare yourself in advance of a potentially stressful event. It also gives you the power to reset your system and to recoup or bounce back faster when experiencing unexpected challenges. Resilient individuals have the sustained capacity to create an energetic cushion that helps reduce the stressful effects of overload, time demands and resistances more effectively. Building a reservoir of resilience is also essential if we want to effectively serve others and make valuable contributions towards creating a new and better world.

If you want to effectively utilize the amazing power of your emotions, you need to become aware of which ones add quality to your life and change the ones that don’t: The Power of Emotion can help.

In this program Howard and Bruce will share valuable information about:

  • The connection between the heart, coherence and resilience.
  • Why resilience is becoming an essential factor in the Shift.
  • Tips for increasing your resilience base-line.
  • Practical exercises you can do that prevent stress and boost your inner energy reserves.