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The Inside Story Understanding the Power of Feelings

By Doc Childre and HeartMath Institute®

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The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings helps teens and young adults understand the connection between their emotions, health, performance and daily lives.

This engaging and visually pleasing text is clearly written and full of vital information pertaining to the latest research in neuroscience, emotional physiology and stress. It guides the reader through key ideas, a series of reflective activities and a research-proven stress-management tool called Freeze-Frame®. This scientifically validated tool promotes healthy behavior and psychological well-being of teens and young adults and reduces emotional turmoil, anger, hostility and depression.

Numerous drawings, diagrams, and cartoons illustrate the text of this 32-page booklet.


  1. Riding the Wave
  2. The Three-Part Brain
  3. Emotional Memories
  4. Emotions and the Nervous System
  5. The Heart-Brain Connection
  6. Freeze-Frame®
  7. The Inside Story Glossary