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Successful Decision-Making

From HeartMath

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Making decisions can be invigorating and self-empowering, especially when you’ve got your mind, emotions and heart all working together for the best results.

Scientific research shows your feelings are involved in the decision-making process as much as or even more than your mind. We all make a staggering number of large and small decisions every day. Each decision requires us to consider options and make choices rapidly, which often can leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Learn two techniques for improving your decision-making, Quick Coherence® and Freeze-Frame® both can create a window for accessing your intuitive intelligence. These techniques use the electrical and biochemical dynamics of the heart to increase synchronization and perception in the brain. Develop your heart intelligence – the flow of awareness and insight we experience when our mind and emotions are in coherence.

Table of Contents:
  • Part I – Making Decisions
  • Part II – Creating Emotional Balance
  • Part III – The Freeze-Frame Technique
  • Next Steps