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Serving Those Who Serve Us: Overview of HeartMath Programs for Veterans, the Military and Their Families

Robert Bradley, Michele Lash, Julie Hutchinson and Rollin McCraty

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Join the HeartMath Institute Veterans Outreach Director and Retired Army Major Robert Bradley; HeartMath Military Mentor Michele Lash; HeartMath De-Stress Workshop trainer for military families Julie Hutchinson; and teleseminar commentator HeartMath Director of Research and Military Training Programs Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Their Stories

Service members, veterans or their family members can tell you plenty of stories about how military life changed their world. Certainly, there are lots of stories about the positive aspects of military life – doing something worthwhile, pride in serving your country, growth and becoming a better person. There also are the many stories of hardships, tragedies and the array of challenges so many face in the years following their service.

During this special presentation, you will hear some of these stories from a panel experts who coach, mentor and train service members and their families. In their work, they have heard many of these stories from people who too often are struggling to get their lives back on track, but they also will share stories of success, like that of Retired Sgt. Michael “Bulldog” Blair, United States Marine Corps.

Webinar Panel

  • Julie Hutchinson will share stories she’s heard in her capacity as a De-Stress Workshop trainer and mentor for military families and couples.
  • Maj. Robert Bradley will discuss the challenges facing today’s veterans, their needs and his work in training and mentoring veterans.
  • Michele Lash, Psychotherapist and psychoeducational consultant will talk about her experiences and roles as a HeartMath military mentor for Navy leadership.
  • Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., HMI Director of Research and Military Training Programs, will talk about HeartMath’s Free Resources for military personal, and their families. These include the De-Stress Workshop and the recently released free DVD program, H.E.A.R.T. – HeartMath Education and Resilience Training. He will also talk about other military programs – the Coherence Advantage and the Personal Resilience Mentoring Program.

Whether you serve now, are a longtime veteran or the parent, child, sibling or relative of someone who has served, you’ll want to tune in to this presentation. If you’re a professional helping active-duty personnel or veterans, a concerned friend or an interested person, join in, because the more we all know, the better we can serve those who have served us.