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The Science of Interconnectivity

Rollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson and Jeff Goelitz

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Join Rollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson and Jeff Goelitz as they explore the science of interconnectivity.

One of today’s most exciting areas of scientific inquiry is the interconnection between all living things. Join HMI researchers Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. and Mike Atkinson for The Science of Interconnectivity, a special webinar presentation in which they will discuss the latest findings on this subject. HeartMath education specialist Jeff Goelitz will be the webinar host.

Webinar Topics:

  • This year’s launch of a new research project expanding the synchronization study begun in 2011. The expanded project began with 104 participants in five countries.
  • DNA teletransportation research supporting the hypothesis that magnetic fields carry biologically important information.
  • Images and update on the Global Coherence Initiative’s new sensor site in South Africa.