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The Inside Story of Being a HeartMath® Institute Trainer

Christiana Bishop and Jeff Goelitz

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Join HeartMath Institute’s Certified Training Program manager, Christiana Bishop and Jeff Goelitz, training program developer and master trainer, for an in-depth look at the HeartMath Institute training programs.

If you’ve ever been interested in sharing the HeartMath System with others, you’ll find this webinar extremely helpful.

I just presented the HeartMath Resilience Advantage training to 25 staff members of a nine-county social-service agency: They wouldn’t let me stop. I love training and mentoring HeartMath techniques, especially seeing the moment ‘it clicks!’

Sarah Moor, Qualified Instructor, Asheville, N.C.

Webinar participants will learn about:

  • Goals and benefits of HeartMath training programs.
  • What population groups are HeartMath programs for and what programs are offered.
  • Core content of the training programs.
  • Stories from current trainers.
  • Training results and recent studies.
  • How to get involved?
  • Training costs, requirements and other details.
  • Taking a short online training survey.