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Heart–Brain Neurodynamics: The Making of Emotions

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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Heart-Brain Neurodynamics explores recent scientific advances that clarify a number of central controversies in the understanding of emotion, including the relationship between intellect and emotion.

A discussion of the critical role of ascending input from the heart and body to the brain in the generation of emotions culminates in a detailed presentation of a new model of emotion in which the brain functions as a complex pattern-matching system. From this perspective it is shown that the heart is a key component of the emotional system, providing a physiological basis for the link between the heart and our emotional life.

Content Includes:

  • Mental and Emotional Systems and Coherence
  • Source of Emotional Experience
  • Current Perspectives on the Nature of Emotions
  • Role of Familiarization in Emotional Processing
  • Arousal and Making of Emotions