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Energetic Connectivity – The Heart Field Environment

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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Join one of today’s foremost researchers on energetic connectivity, internationally known scientist and HeartMath Institute Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty, for a special Members only webinar, Energetic Connectivity – The Heart Field Environment.

McCraty will explore the scientific data showing the interconnectedness of all of us at a deep and fundamental level. He will present findings from the HMI Research Center related to the following types of connectivity: At a cellular level; Between people; Between people and animals; Between people and the earth’s energetic systems.

Webinar Topics:

  • What is the effect of large numbers of people creating similar outgoing emotional waves?
  • How did the geomagnetic field differ before and after 9/11?
  • The Global Coherence Monitoring System
  • Heart coherence
  • Heart-brain relationship
  • Cardiac cycle
  • Heart-rate variability
  • Encoded signals of the heart
  • Energetics of communication