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Empowering Coherent Groups: New Frontiers in Social Coherence Research and Development

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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In the webinar, Rollin McCraty Ph.D. talked about what happens when the group’s members are resonating in-sync – past their normal performance levels.

He also explained how the lack of coherence in our interactions creates a large part of our personal and global stress. It is our hope and intention that this new technology and training program will decrease social discord and increase positive emotional connections, kindness, cooperation, and sense of collective purpose.

HMI’s Director of Scientific Research discusses:

  • An energetic field connects individual group members, which simultaneously distributes information between the group members.
  • How various types of synchronization increase our care, trust, cooperation and other key prosocial behaviors.
  • A new heart rate variability system that is in development for measuring group coherence.
  • A new training program for facilitating team and group coherence.