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New Paradigms in the Actor’s Training – Awareness

    • Published: 2018
    • Cosmin Matei1
    • Theatrical Colloquia, Vol. 8, Issue 2, 2018. DOI: 10.2478/tco-2018-0024.1. Theatre Director; Doctoral Student at Babeș -Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre; Film, Cluj Napoca.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


The present paper describes the process of going through a pilot research phase, intuitive and scientific, from the desire to know what do we express in our corporality when we feel, empathize or play with the imaginary, especially in vocational area of actor’s training. This was done by working with the actor and Professor Ph.D. András Hatházi, within a theatrical laboratory attended by the actor-students of the Hungarian Department, 2016-2019 promotion from the Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Film, Cluj-Napoca. The objective of this research was given by the axiology emotion/feelings of emotion; heart/emotional system and brain/mind. Because the social, political, anthropological, and sentimental dimension of the human body has increased, so have the demands on the actors. As practitioners, we felt it necessary for the contemporary actor’s training to benefit from recent scientific observations about the bio-psycho-neuro-physiological processes of the living body, that is why the research has also evolved towards developing exercises to add new information to potentiate acting skills, at an imaginarycorporal level, as well as to achieve balanced parameters in terms of mental, emotional and physical health and integrity, especially post-acting.