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Heart Rate Variability, Brain, and Spirituality

[Variabilidade da Frequência Cardíaca, Cérebro e Espiritualidade]

    • Ana Carolina Previtalli Nascimento1,2,3
    • 1. Bachelor’ s degree in Law, University of São Paulo, Brazil.2. Graduate degree in Neurosciences, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.3. HeartMath Institute Certified Trainer, California, USA.
    • English
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Scientific work that presents the interference of the heart in the brain, based on a review of studies on heart rate variability, according to researches conducted by the HeartMath Institute of the United States of America, correlating their reflexes with the individual spiritual dimension. It presents the interferences of the heartbeat rhythms in brain functioning, with physical, mental, and emotional reflexes, discussing in which ways the conscious meddling of individuals, concerning the rhythm of their hearts, can bring the deepening of their spiritual experiences. It addresses the scientific recognition of the importance of spirituality in modern life, its relationships with the emotional, mental, and physical aspects, relating them to heart rhythms. Spirituality will be discussed concerning the individual’s relationship with themselves, their connections with others and with what they understand to be beyond and above themselves, as well as the search for meaning and purpose in life, regardless of their religious beliefs and attendance to temples or services.