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Research Library

Is Electrophysiological Coherence‑Based Wellness Coherent?

    • Published: 2010 PR
    • Robert R. Ireland, M.D. D.Min., M.A.
    • Alternative Therapies in Health; Medicine, 2010; 16 (4):68-69.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


Coherence-based personal training regimens are emerging in the wellness industry to improve health(lowering blood pressure), neurocognitive performance(attention and reaction time), and mood(stress relief ). Unlike psychotherapy that focuses on mood and behavioral problems resulting from outdated personal constructs and schemas (incoherence), the emerging coherence training programs focus on self-regulation and use biofeedback measuring entrainment of cardiorespiratory cycles associated with heart rate variability (HRV). Interestingly, some advocates of this form of biofeedback training recommend techniques that appear to cross boundaries of rational science—such as teaching trainees to activate heartfelt feelings such as love and appreciation in their heart area in order to achieve a higher level of entrainment. The aim of this process is to achieve "psychophysiological" coherence.