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The Effect of Employee Self‑Management Training on Personal and Organizational Quality

    • Published: 1999 IND
    • Bob Barrios-Choplin, Ph.D.; Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.; Joseph Sundram, M.Ed.; Mike Atkinson
    • HeartMath Research Center, Institute of HeartMath, Publication No. 99-083. Boulder Creek, CA, 1999.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


This research examined the effect of an Inner Quality Management (IQM) training program on 54 employees in the Information Technology Services Division of a state agency which was experiencing change-related turmoil. Measures of personal and organizational quality in the trained employees were compared to those of a 64-member comparison group that had not received the training. After the completion of the training, seven weeks from the initial assessment, the study group reported significant decreases in dimensions of negative affect and stress and significant increases in dimensions of positive affect in relation to the comparison group. Also, perceptions of goal clarity and productivity increased significantly. Implications for individual and organizational wellness are discussed.