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Research Library

The Psychophysiology of Entrepreneurial Intuition: A Quantum‑Holographic Theory

    • Published: 2006 PR
    • Raymond Trevor Bradley
    • Institute for Whole Social Science; Institute of HeartMath, California, USA; e-Motion Institute, Auckland, New Zealand.Paper presented at the Third AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange, February 8–10, 2006, Auckland, New Zealand.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


Successful entrepreneurs are passionate innovative risk-takers whose actions are informed by accurate intuitions about future business opportunities. Often such intuitive foreknowledge involves perception of implicit information about non-local objects and/or events by the body’s psychophysiological systems. Recent experiments have shown that intuitive perception of a future event is related to the degree of emotional significance of that event, and a new study shows that both the brain and the heart are involved in processing a pre-stimulus emotional response to the future event. Drawing on this research and on the principles of quantum holography, we develop a theory of intuitive perception. The theory explains how focused emotional attention directed to the object of interest (such as a potential future business opportunity) attunes the psychophysiological systems to a domain of quantum-holographical information, which contains implicit information on the object’s future potential. The body’s perception of such implicit information about the object’s future is experienced as an intuition.