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The Language of Entrepreneurship: Energetic Information Processing in Entrepreneurial Decision and Action

Raymond Trevor Bradley

Institute for Whole Social Science; Institute of HeartMath, California, USA and e-Motion Institute, Auckland, New Zealand.

Paper presented at the Fourth AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange, February 6–9, 2007, Brisbane, Australia.

For a PDF version of the complete paper, click here.


Building upon the quantum-holographic theory of nonlocal communication presented at last year’s AGSE conference (Bradley, 2006), this paper extends the theory to include both nonlocal communication (intuition) and nonlocal agency—the subtle but significant (scientifically measurable) effect that intentionally focused bio-emotional energy can have on nonlocal objects and events. I draw on quantum holography and research on the psychophysiology of nonlocal interaction—mind/matter and mind/living systems interaction—to show how entrepreneurs not only use their passionate attention to intuitively locate a future business opportunity but can also actively shape its actualization into reality by their sustained passionate intentions. It is their greater attunement to an order of energetic information beyond space/time that taps them into the rationality of implicit potentials and sets them apart from other business actors. In short, energetic information is the language of creativity and entrepreneurship: it is the means by which future opportunities can be intuitively located and intentionally actualized into being.