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Research Library

Biofeedback and Counseling for Stress and Anxiety Among College Students

    • Published: 2012
    • Ratanasiripong, P.; Sverduk, K.; Prince, J.; Hayashino, D.
    • Journal of College Student Development, 2012; 53, 742-749.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


With the rise in stress and anxiety among college students, there is a need for more comprehensive and effective counseling options for counselors in college counseling centers. This study investigated the impact of using biofeedback and brief counseling in treating stress and anxiety in an ethnically diverse college student population. Results indicated that participants who received biofeedback training and counseling had greater reduction in anxiety symptoms than did participants who received counseling alone. Implications for augmenting biofeedback training to traditional college counseling model are discussed.