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The Effects of Bio‑Intrinsic Transformational Therapy™ on Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents

    • Published: 2021
    • Robin Reeves-Oppenheim
    • Dissertation, Doctor of Theology, Holos University Graduate Seminary, Lee's Summit, MO, USA, August 9, 2021.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.



The aim of this proof-of-concept (PoC) study was to assess the feasibility of the methods, procedures and intervention used to evaluate The Effects of Bio-Intrinsic Transformational Therapy™ on Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents.


Data shows a steady increase in the prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents over the past two decades, causing detriments during critical developmental stages with long-lasting damaging effects. There are few effective evidence-based mental health treatment options for adolescents with depression and anxiety, especially in the areas of complementary and alternative medicine, energy psychology, and biofield therapies.


This randomized controlled trial utilized a multiple group design with a pre-test/post-test and a wait-list control group. A sample of convenience was randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. A 2 X 2 Mixed ANOVA with repeated measures was used to evaluate the research design’s efficacy and interpret the collected data. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Techopedia (n.d.), provided a statistical analysis of the raw data.


Results show decreases in anxiety and depression in adolescents in the experimental group as hypothesized. Even with a small sample size, the pattern of means for between-group effects show steep declines for both depression and anxiety. Trends in all measures showed a promising pattern in the hypothesized direction. There was a precipitous drop in plot lines for the experimental group. Profile plot lines for the control group remained flat or were elevated.


This PoC study validates the safety and efficacy of the intervention to be used in a large-scale investigation to evaluate the effects of Bio-Intrinsic Transformational Therapy™ in depression and anxiety in adolescents. Further investigation is necessary for clinical application and more conclusive results of Bio-Intrinsic Transformational Therapy™ as an evidence-based treatment of depression and anxiety in adolescents.