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Attaining Heart Coherence Improves Health and Affects Others' Coherence Levels

    • Published: 2019
    • Alice Langholt
    • Dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Parapsychology, Department of Graduate Studies of the University of Metaphysics, 2019.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


In this dissertation, I will prove, through use of technology, that entering into a state of heart coherence changes not only the practitioner’s energy field, but this change affects those in local proximity, and also can affect the energy field of a recipient at a distance.

I will define heart coherence, and expand on that definition from a number of resources. I will present various ways that one can enter into a state of coherence, including: grounding to earth, meditation, and slowing the breathing. I will also discuss the health benefits of being in a state of coherence.

I will show, via the results of my research, that a frequency resonance occurs when two people are together, whether in person or by distance, and I’ll also present research to support these findings. I will also show that a person in a state of coherence can affect another person’s state of coherence via intention, and cause it to increase at an appointed time when the two people are in frequency resonance.

My conclusion will discuss the metaphysical understandings to be gleaned by this research:

  • that we are connected by one Divine energy,
  • that our focus on gratitude, love, and compassion puts us into a healing state for ourselves and others (which is Divine energy [the most beneficial expression of our true essence] in action),
  • that intentional connection to the Earth affects this healing frequency.

I will use the Inner Balance connector, developed by HeartMath, Inc., via experiments with myself and subjects in person and at a distance in Columbus, Ohio, to measure and compare coherence levels.

My interest in this topic developed from wanting to understand the way the brain and Autonomic Nervous System respond to meditation and energy healing practices. I wanted to be able to see the results of what I feel when engaging in these practices. I also wanted to see if I could use technology to see how two people’s energy affects each other.

I learned about HeartMath, which is a way to measure changes in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) when focusing on heart-centered thoughts, such as gratitude. To learn about this more, I purchased an Inner Balance connector to train myself in establishing the means to affect positive results for myself. In researching this more, I grew to understand the connection between coherence and healing. From here, I became curious to understand more about what coherence looks like beyond the Inner Balance software.

I began experimenting with an EEG headset, which could show, via an app on my iPad, the levels and changes in my brainwaves while I engaged in practices such as grounding, coherence meditation, and Reiki. I went on walks in the woods and in my backyard, and noticed that being in the woods, and touching a tree would easily bring me into a high state of coherence, which also correlated with higher Gamma brainwaves (which indicates a "feel good" state).

I also purchased an AuraCloud 3D Pro aura camera, which takes measurements of skin conductance and translates the data into high-definition graphic results related to the energy levels of chakras and aura colors in real time. Using this technology, I could compare coherence, brainwaves, and the way the skin presents physiological responses to various emotional states. I was able to see, in real time, how giving Reiki to a person using the aura camera changed the state of their body’s innate response. I could see what coherence "looks like" using all of this technology.

I started reading research on the human biofield, and the quantum physics science of a single energy source that changes based on human attention. This research supported what I learned in my Metaphysical studies of Dr. Masters’ teachings. It also inspired me to create an experiment that would allow me to see graphically, using the HeartMath technology, that two people will share a common frequency when together, and also to find out if, at a certain time, if I intend to increase another person’s coherence level, if it would actually show a change.

To conduct my experiments, I purchased two more Inner Balance connectors from I sent one to Constance Dohan, a colleague of mine who has a large student base in Columbus, Ohio. She scheduled ten of her students to meet with me online for the experiments. I kept the second connector to use for my local trials. Both the subject and I needed to be wearing these connectors and measuring the output at the same time so I could compare our coherence measurements afterward and analyze the results.

The implications of this project nudge it from the realms of speculation or faith into a measurable science. I believe that my research could be a stepping stone to further studies into the healing implications of raising another person’s coherence levels (which affects their Autonomic Nervous System, and thus encourages the body’s optimal state for healing). At the conclusion of this dissertation, I will suggest some further experiments for continuing the research.