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Research Library

Identification of a Group's Physiological Synchronization with Earth's Magnetic Field

    • Published: 2017 PR
    • Inga Timofejeva, Rollin McCraty, Mike Atkinson, Roza Joffe, Alfonsas Vainoras, Abdullah A. Alabdulgader, and Minvydas Ragulskis
    • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, September 1, 2017.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


A new analysis technique for the evaluation of the degree of synchronization between the physiological state of a group of people and changes in the Earth’s magnetic field based on their cardiac inter-beat intervals was developed and validated. The new analysis method was then used to identify clusters of similar synchronization patterns in a group of 20 individuals over a two-week period. The algorithm for the identification of slow wave dynamics for every person was constructed in order to determine meaningful interrelationships between the participants and the local magnetic field data. The results support the hypothesis that the slow wave rhythms in heart rate variability can synchronize with changes in local magnetic field data, and that the degree of synchronization is affected by the quality of interpersonal relationships.