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Empirical and Heuristic Phenomenological Case Study of the HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative

    • Published: 2019
    • Stephen D. Edwards
    • Psychology Department, University of Zululand, Private Bag X1001, KwaDlangezwa 3886, South Africa, Apr. 2019.
    • Download the complete paper, click here.


Along with the creativity of vast technological advances, humanity’s endemic destructiveness continues. Planetary healing needs motivated this research. The aim was an empirical and heuristic phenomenological investigation into and an evaluation of the theoretical and technological implications of the HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative. The single case study, and limited amount of data, indicated the null hypothesis. Methodology included HeartMath Inner Balance tool and newly developed Global Coherence application (app). Data collection involved linked empirical measures and experiential journaling. Quantitative data analysis, which consisted of statistical analysis of correlations between six existing Global Coherence magnetometers and empirical measures of meditation records, from Inner Balance and Global coherence apps, respectively, yielded unexpected findings, both significant and insignificant, in the form of trends towards global and local group coherence, respectively. Qualitative findings essentially revealed variations on the, interrelated, consciousness themes of wholeness, holistic healing, energy healing and meditation. In addition to various limitations and implications, interpretation of integrative findings indicated theoretical and practical support for the HeartMath mission and vision of developing and promoting personal, social and global coherence.