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The Shift is Accelerating: Patience to Point 0

Howard Martin

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The great shift in global consciousness is accelerating, fueled by a new energy and excitement over the prospect for new opportunities of positive change in our personal lives and throughout society. There is, nevertheless, uncertainty and anxiousness about the future.

Join HeartMath executive Howard Martin an enlightening webinar, The Shift is Accelerating: Patience to Point 0. Martin, a member of the Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee and co-author of The HeartMath Solution, will help make sense of the consciousness shift occurring in the world today. He will discuss new perspectives on what each of us can do to achieve success during these momentous times.

You will learn ways to gain greater patience and understanding relative to the personal and global changes under way, including the Point 0 Technique for accessing more ease and flow in the quest to keep pace with our rapidly changing world.