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Welcome to HeartMath Institute’s Alliances

Diverse alliances enrich HeartMath Institute’s research, technology and tools for reducing stress, building resilience and improving performance. HeartMath believes maintaining professional relationships and partnerships with scientific, health, educational, business and other public and private entities is essential to continued relevance amid the complexities of today’s world.

Blue Courage

Blue Courage has been highly instrumental in furthering our mission of improving the well-being and performance of first responders. Staffed by current and retired police officers, Blue Courage addresses the personal challenges many officers face, such as cynicism, identity, judgment, integrity, leadership and the need build and sustain resilience during their years of service. Blue Courage’s holistic approach touches the hearts, awakens minds and ignites the spirits of law enforcement professionals. As a result, many officers reconnect with the nobility of policing and their original desire to serve. This increases personal and organizational effectiveness in areas that include leadership, team-building, respect, diversity and inclusion, self-confidence and stress resilience. Blue Courage’s most popular course, Blue Courage: The Heart and Mind of the Guardian, includes key modules from HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Program. / /(630) 449-0958

911 Wellness Foundation

The 911 Wellness Foundation (911WF) is the 911 industry’s only organization devoted exclusively to fostering optimal well-being and peak performance of the emergency telecommunicator, who is in fact the very first responder. The foundation was established in 2011 as a nonprofit by experts in 911 operations and the health sciences who recognized that 911 telecommunicators face significant stress-related risks to their well-being and performance. 911WF pursues its mission in collaboration with a broad spectrum of stakeholders through four streams of activity: research, education, policy and intervention. In 2014, the foundation and HeartMath Institute established a strategic alliance to advance resilience education and training among 911 professionals. For more information, contact or visit the website, For information on training programs for 911 telecommunicators, go to the 911 Training Institute website.