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Stress and Well-Being Survey

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IHM’s Solutions for Stress

Solutions for Stress

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Institute of HeartMath Tools for Well-Being

Welcome to Tools for Well-Being

These helpful tools for reducing stress and self-managing emotions incorporate your body’s own heart intelligence and capacity for self-healing. They can help you in the moment virtually anywhere to create a feeling of ease and inner harmony. Developed by HeartMath scientists, these tools activate the heart and body’s natural rhythms, which then reflect this feeling, allowing you to become more coherent. Coherence is a healthful and optimal state for your immune system, cognitive function, communication, creativity, intuition and more.

Tools for Adults

  • Notice and Ease™

    Identify and neutralize unwanted emotions and energy drain by noticing and admitting what you are feeling – anxiousness, depression, frustration, etc. Gently focus and breathe in the heart area and e-a-s-e out the feeling. (Audio available also)

  • Quick Coherence®

    When you feel stress, anxiety, anger or other negative emotions, Quick Coherence helps you release them through heart focus, heart breathing and activation of genuine heart feelings such as care. (Audio available also)

  • HeartMath® Appreciation Tool™ and Exercise

    A powerful way to improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is to invoke and sustain sincere appreciation. Try HeartMath’s Appreciation Tool and exercises.

Tools for Youth

  • Quick Coherence® Age 12 – 18

    This useful tool can provide fast relief from negative emotions. Use it before or during test-taking and other academic tasks, to strengthen relationships with girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and family or for a boost of energy. (Audio available also)

  • HeartShift™ Tool for Ages 7 – 11

    When you’re sad, upset or not feeling well, HeartShift™ is a great way to do something healthy and wonderful for your body. Shifting to your heart can lift up your spirits anytime. (Audio available also)

Tools for Children

  • Shift and Shine® Age 3 – 6

    Children are filled with wonder, a desire to experience and learn. With parental guidance, Shift and Shine® helps young ones develop positive emotions, control impulsive behavior and learn the joyful qualities of the heart. (Audio available also)

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Institute of HeartMath Tools for Well-Being Audio Downloads

Download MP3 Audio Files of IHM Tools for Well-Being

On the go, download the HeartMath’s Tools for Well-Being MP3 audio files and listen to them anyplace, anytime. These tools can help you lower stress, balance emotions and create warm feelings of inner ease and harmony. You must log into your IHM account to download these tools. Click for complete list.