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Welcome to HeartMath’s Self-Assessment Tools

INTRODUCTION: Taking regular stock of our mental, physical and emotional states is key to maintaining optimal health. The Institute of HeartMath’s free Self-Assessment Tools – the Stress and Well-Being Survey™, Personal Tracker™ and Community Tracker™ – are highly beneficial science-based applications that can help you do this. We are committed to everyone’s perfect health and well-being, so take advantage of these exceptional tools. Simply register for free or log-in and begin taking stock as often as you like.

Stress and Well-Being Survey

Stress & Well-Being Survey™

If you could objectively assess the state of your heart, mind and emotions anytime, you would be empowered with the essential information for maintaining optimal health and creating and renewing resilience when you need it most. Well, researchers have developed an application for HeartMath precisely for this purpose. The Stress and Well-Being Survey asks you the right questions, gives accurate data analysis and then lays out a logical and simple framework for achieving your goals. Click here.

Personal Tracker

Personal Tracker™

Use this amazing tool to track your Five Aspects of Well-Being: Physical Vitality, Emotional Vitality, Social Connectedness, Spiritual Connectedness and Overall Well-being. Based on input from you, Survey 1 of the Personal Tracker application scores and stores your data and reports your improvement trends with graphs. Survey 2 is for honing your skills with the emWave® PSR: You can use this handheld stress relief device to literally watch your state of well-being as you score. Click here.

Community Tracker

Community Tracker™

We know the importance of keeping informed about our personal state of health and well-being. Amid the current global shift, it is equally important to a growing number of caring and compassionate people to know how the larger community is faring. A great number worldwide are using HeartMath’s Self-Assessment Tools, and Community Tracker lets you see where in the world they live and how they are feeling. Click here.