The TENDS Study: A Summary

TestEdge National Demonstration Study

The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of the TestEdge program in reducing test anxiety…

Institute of HeartMath Education

Test and Learning Performance

"Neurobiological evidence suggests that the aspects of cognition that we recruit most heavily in schools, namely learning, attention, memory, decision-making, and social functioning, are both profoundly affected by and subsumed within the processes of emotion."

– Mary Helen Immordino-Yang & Antonio Damasio "We Feel, Therefore We Learn: The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education." Mind, Brain, and Education, 2007

TestEdge®—Getting In Sync for Learning and Test Success

Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have spent many years exploring how people can enhance learning and performance. Collaborating with educators nationwide, HeartMath developed the TestEdge® supplemental learning programs to help students improve learning and test performance. Each program includes age-specific heart-based emotion self-regulation tools tailored especially for various age and grade levels. Students will appreciate how TestEdge speaks to them about their common test-taking experiences and offers solutions that help both their academic and social lives. Teachers will appreciate students’ improved academic focus and motivation and the positive changes in their attitudes and behavior.

Based on 24 years of research on the psychophysiology of learning and performance, emotional resilience and heart-brain communication, TestEdge teaches a set of easy-to-use self-regulation tools and strategies that enable students to recognize and regulate test-related anxiety and negative attitudes that block learning and test performance. The program has been successfully implemented in schools throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries. A major TestEdge study funded by the U.S. Department of Education demonstrated statistically significant improvements in standardized test scores along with global improvements in psychosocial functioning.

Why TestEdge® Is Effective

HeartMath research has identified a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning and performance. In this state, our emotions are calmer and our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased efficiency. In simple terms, we’re more in sync. This in turn facilitates the higher cognitive processes critical for focused attention, reasoning and creativity – all essential for success in school. Being in sync also improves behavior, relationships and general well-being for students and teachers. Learn more about the theoretical basis of TestEdge.

TestEdge® Supplemental Learning Programs

TestEdge Grades 3-5

TestEdge® Grades 3-5

Many young students become emotionally and physically upset around high-stakes testing, which can inhibit their ability to learn new information and use what they’ve already learned. The TestEdge Grades 3-5 program uses 16 fully scripted lessons on poster-sized photo lesson cards to help students reduce anxiety while improving motivation, comprehension, memory and focusing skills. Go to TestEdge Grades 3-5.

TestEdge Grades 6-8

TestEdge® Grades 6-8

In the tumultuous middle school years, students are grappling with the onset of puberty and adjusting to new schools, multiple teachers and changing relationships among peers. The grades 6-8 version of TestEdge is geared toward helping these young students improve their attitudes and motivation to learn. Go to TestEdge Grades 6-8.

TestEdge Grades 9-12+

TestEdge® Grades 9-12+

Like all TestEdge programs, this teaches a set of easy-to-use emotion self-regulation techniques to help students find their personal zone of best performance – like athletes who perform their best when they’re in the zone. Twelve fully scripted lessons can be adapted to meet scheduling needs. Go to TestEdge Grades 9-12.

TestEdge® also is available in a computer interactive learning format for school or home use.

TestEdge Interactive CD Grades 6-8

TestEdge® Interactive CD Grades 6-8

Designed for students to learn at their own pace, this interactive learning program is effective in helping students understand how emotions and attitudes affect academic performance, and it provides step-by-step instruction on how to self-regulate their emotions and shift into their personal optimal state for leaning. In addition to test performance and motivation, students improve classroom behavior and focus. Go to TestEdge CD 6-8.

TestEdge Interactive CD Grades 9-12+

TestEdge® Interactive CD Grades 9-12+

As students progress through the TestEdge Interactive CD, they learn how to apply the TestEdge tools to challenges, including communication difficulties with parents, teachers, peers and co-workers; feelings of being overwhelmed and time pressure; difficulty learning new material; and the feelings of stress and anxiety associated with big tests. Go to TestEdge Interactive CD Grades 9-12+.